Stock Footage Ordering Info

Holocaust Film Archive (HFA) stock footage (current film stock: 29,178 titles) may be made available for both exclusive and non-exclusive, one-time rights  and outright  in perpetuity usage depending on copyright or other restrictions. HFA requires a Purchase Order or Letter of Intent (via email is adequate) for all purchases of stock footage. A "wish list" of desired footage should be included with your order request. No exceptions whatsoever.

Footage Rates:  stock footage fees vary  per second for either broadcast or non-broadcast usage. Should on-screen time exceed time ordered, customer will be billed for additional time. Shipping charges and physical media charges are extra.  Please inquire for rates for footage usage.

Users must pay  HFA an archival access fee in advance which shall become due and payable to HFA within seven (7) working days from date of order, and further agrees that one hundred (100) per cent (%) of said access fee shall in all events be payable to HFA as a cancellation fee herein in order to compensate HFA for research and screener production, including fees for compiling, mastering, duplication, etc.

Please inquire for additional details:

[email protected] or [email protected]

Preview footage example: